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PMC’s 2023 Research Program: A Plan to Better Understand and Deliver on the Clinical and Economic Benefits of Personalized Medicine

Recognizing the need for more evidence to demonstrate that the biomedical research and health care delivery enterprises can benefit from continued investments in personalized medicine, I am pleased to share with you PMC’s 20th anniversary Research Program for 2023.

The evidence development studies outlined in this program represent one of the three pillars of PMC activities outlined in the Coalition’s Strategic Plan. In addition to the research initiatives previewed here, the plan calls for robust educational outreach and advocacy programs.

The Coalition’s proposed studies in 2023 will build upon earlier PMC research that explored progress toward the clinical integration of personalized medicine across a representative sample of United States health systems, redefined the clinical utility of genomic testing in cancer care, and highlighted practice gaps that are minimizing the clinical impact of personalized medicine. By highlighting more transparent paths to market for innovative products and services in personalized medicine, demonstrating the value that clinical integration programs in personalized medicine can provide for patients and health systems, and exploring opportunities to make health care research more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, the three 2023 research initiatives are designed to further bolster the impact of the Coalition’s educational and advocacy work this year.

The first of its planned studies, titled Payer Policies and Perspectives on Personalized Medicine, will make it easier for industry leaders to develop and commercialize new tests and treatments by highlighting how the leaders of public and private health insurance providers, pharmacy and laboratory benefits managers, and large employers around the world view personalized medicine and its potential to improve care across various disease states.

The second study, titled Improvements in Clinical Care Associated With Personalized Medicine, will explore the benefits that health systems can derive from efforts to integrate the principles of personalized medicine into health care, thereby demonstrating the value of continued investments in personalized medicine.

And the third, titled Addressing Disparities in Research Informing Personalized Medicine, will solicit the views of people from racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups historically underrepresented in biomedical research to understand how researchers can address inequities in health datasets and build the more inclusive study cohorts necessary to provide reliable evidence about the ways in which various health care interventions affect subsets of heterogenous patient populations.

If you or your institution may be interested in providing insights or financial contributions to PMC’s work on one or more of these initiatives, please contact me at dpritchard@personalizedmedicinecoalition.org.