Congressional Caucus

PMC works in close coordination with the members of the Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus.

The Caucus Members

In addition to supporting legislation that will help advance personalized medicine, the members of the caucus partner with PMC to host briefings designed to help educate their Congressional colleagues about the field’s importance to the future of health care.



legislation that encourages increased research, development, innovation, and access to personalized medicine


other policymakers about the benefits of personalized medicine for patients and health systems


discussions about public policies that may encourage investment in personalized medicine and facilitate its adoption by health systems


opportunities to adapt the health care system in ways that facilitate patient access to personalized medicine

At the United States Capitol on December 5, the co-chairs of the Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus organized a briefing in cooperation with the Personalized Medicine Coalition to help educate their colleagues in the House and Senate about the importance of adopting public policies designed to alleviate educational, reimbursement, and clinical adoption challenges that make it difficult for clinicians to take full advantage of emerging opportunities in personalized medicine. The briefing featured remarks from leaders in academia, patient advocacy, and the diagnostics industry.