Committees & Working Groups

PMC’s member working groups are advancing personalized medicine on behalf of institutions from every sector of the health care ecosystem.

Public Policy Committee

PMC’s Public Policy Committee collaborates to align policy priorities among PMC members and leverage relationships with policymakers to advance legislation and regulations that promote investment in and adoption of personalized medicine.

Science Policy Committee

PMC’s Science Policy Committee collaborates to develop and align medical practices and policies with the evolving base of evidence demonstrating the clinical and economic benefits of personalized medicine.

Seven Working Groups

PMC maintains seven working groups focused on addressing outstanding opportunities and challenges in personalized medicine.

PMC also convenes ad hoc groups on certain policy issues as they arise.

For more information about PMC working groups, please email Vice President for Membership & Development Kayla Smith at

PMC’s Artificial Intelligence Working Group will consider the use, regulation and impact of AI/ML on personalized medicine; discuss the potential scope of PMC’s future engagement on AI/ML; and develop policy principles informing PMC’s future advocacy activities.

PMC’s Health Care Working Group provides a forum for the Coalition’s members involved in health care delivery to discuss common challenges and potential solutions for integrating personalized medicine into clinical practice.

PMC’s Health Data Working Group convenes members with expertise and interest in information technology, data, real-world evidence, and privacy issues. The group has helped develop PMC principles encouraging institutions to share data in ways that keep patients engaged as fully informed research partners.

PMC’s Patient Advocacy Organization Working Group provides a forum for the Coalition’s patient advocacy organization members to inform PMC’s policy strategy, align on legislative priorities, and develop shared messages that can empower individual patients to advocate for policies that bring personalized medicine closer to them.

PMC’s Pharmaceutical & Diagnostics Industry Working Group provides a forum for the Coalition’s pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry members to inform PMC’s policy strategy and advocacy activities related to research and development, regulatory oversight, reimbursement, payment reform, and health care quality.

PMC’s Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Working Group convenes members with interest or expertise in issues related to PGx testing. The group guides PMC’s efforts in pharmacogenomics and its related engagements with FDA, clinical guidelines developers, and other stakeholders.

PMC’s Value Assessment Framework Working Group convenes members with interest or expertise in health care value assessment policies and practices. The group discusses challenges and strategies for appropriately accounting for personalized medicine in value and health technology assessments.