Press Releases

PMC press releases highlight the significance of the Coalition’s activities in education, advocacy, and evidence development.

Demonstrating PMC's ability to convene executive leaders from across the health care spectrum, PMC today announced that its board of directors has voted to elect three new board members.

Personalized Medicine at FDA: The Scope & Significance of Progress in 2022 Documents Pharmaceutical Industry Shift Away from One-Size-Fits-All Drugs

Cost-Effectiveness Estimates for Infants Less Than a Year Old and Children Under Age 18 May Inform Provider and Payer Practices

PMC President: Newly Approved Treatments and Diagnostic Tools ‘Leave No Question’ About Emergence of Era of Personalized Medicine, Presenting Both Opportunities and Challenges for Patients and Health Systems

Representatives From Change Healthcare, Flatiron Health, and Tempus to Discuss Significance of Paper’s Recommendations at 12:00 p.m. ET

Acknowledging Enhanced Benefits of Multi-Gene Testing, Modernized Definition Could Prompt Changes in Clinical Use of Genomic Sequencing-Based Tests

Multi-factorial Assessment Finds Majority of Health Care Providers Integrating Personalized Medicine into Clinical Care

Report: Agency’s Policies Reinforcing Shift Toward Personalized Medicine Even in Midst of Pandemic