Improving Diagnosis and Treatment Through Personalized Medicine: A Briefing for Congressional Staffers

US Capitol Visitor Center First Street SE, Washington, DC, United States

At the United States Capitol on December 5, the co-chairs of the Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus organized a briefing in cooperation with the Personalized Medicine Coalition to help educate their colleagues in the House and Senate about the importance of adopting public policies designed to alleviate educational, reimbursement, and clinical adoption challenges that make it difficult for clinicians to take full advantage of emerging opportunities in personalized medicine. The briefing featured remarks from leaders in academia, patient advocacy, and the diagnostics industry.

Personalized Medicine and Mental Health: A Briefing for Congressional Staffers

Rayburn House Office Building 45 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC, United States

On July 20, 2023, PMC and the Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus co-hosted an educational briefing for Congressional staffers titled "Personalized Medicine and Mental Health." The briefing explored the burden of mental illness in the United States, the growing body of evidence supporting the value of pharmacogenetic-based testing in informing the treatment of mental health disorders, and what Congress can do to help expand patient access to improved diagnostic and treatment options.