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PMC Board of Directors Shows Cross-Sector Convening Capacity With Election of New Members From Diagnostics, Pharmaceutical, and Payer Sectors

Demonstrating the nonprofit Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC)’s ability to convene executive leaders from across the health care spectrum, PMC today announced that its board of directors has voted to elect three new board members. The three new leaders represent a leading diagnostics company, a committed developer of personalized therapies, and an innovative payer institution.

Gabriele Allegri of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, Dawn Cardeiro of Point32Health, and Mia Levy of Foundation Medicine have each distinguished themselves as patient-oriented leaders who are working across businesses and sectors to help pave the way for the future advancement of personalized medicine.

Gabriele Allegri, M.B.A., Commercial Head, Precision Medicine, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Gabriele Allegri, M.B.A., serves as Janssen’s Commercial Head for Precision Medicine. In this capacity, Allegri develops and manages global commercial strategy as well as commercial collaborations with leading diagnostics companies to help ensure that its pharmaceutical products are directed to the right patients at the right time. In his letter nominating Allegri for a PMC board seat, MacroGenics Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President for Clinical Development Dr. Stephen L. Eck said Allegri’s service as an internal champion for personalized medicine at Janssen “is how personalized medicine gets ‘baked into a project’ from the beginning.”

Dawn Cardeiro, M.S., Director, Precision Medicine, Point32Health

Dawn Cardeiro, M.S., who is trained as a genetic counselor and has also worked in the diagnostics and patient advocacy sectors, has served since April of 2022 as the Director of Precision Medicine at Point32Health, a Massachusetts-based regional health insurer. In this capacity, Cardeiro leads innovative agreements designed to broaden member access to emerging precision medicine technologies through collaboration with diagnostics developers who are willing to share in the financial risks of piloting coverage, pending demonstration of benefits to member care and downstream impact to the health plan. In his letter nominating Cardeiro for a PMC board seat, RA Capital Management Venture Partner Dr. Michael Sherman praised Cardeiro for her depth of knowledge and for her ability to swiftly navigate the complexities of large institutions and a decentralized United States health care system.

Mia Levy, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, Foundation Medicine

Mia Levy, M.D., Ph.D., a nationally recognized leader in precision oncology and biomedical informatics and a medical oncologist specializing in breast cancer, has served as the Chief Medical Officer of Foundation Medicine since August of 2021. Her tenure at the company has been marked by several impactful partnerships, multiple companion diagnostic approvals for the company’s two U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved comprehensive genomic profiling tests, and an enhanced focus on promoting equity and access in cancer care. Dr. Levy has led the development of My Cancer Genome, an international knowledge resource for patients and physicians designed to guide treatment decisions based on tumor genetics. PMC Board Chairman and Culmination Bio CEO Dr. Lincoln Nadauld, who nominated Dr. Levy for a PMC board seat, emphasized her unwavering commitment to personalized medicine and improved patient care demonstrated over the course of two decades of service to institutions including Stanford University, Vanderbilt University, and Rush University.

‘The Foremost Leaders in Personalized Medicine’

“The election of Allegri, Cardeiro, and Levy to PMC’s board of directors further underlines this Coalition’s capacity to convene the foremost leaders in personalized medicine to develop nonprofit educational, advocacy, and evidence development solutions that will help advance the field for the benefit of both patients and health systems,” said PMC President Edward Abrahams.

You can view a complete list of the leaders who serve on the Coalition’s board of directors here.