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2024 Research Topic

A Roadmap for Addressing Clinical Practice Gaps in Personalized Medicine — In 2024, PMC is seeking sponsorship funding to develop and publish a new Roadmap for Addressing Clinical Practice Gaps in Personalized Medicine. The Coalition’s network of partners, including key administrators and clinicians, would use the roadmap to spearhead reforms designed to bring the benefits of personalized medicine to more patients.

Evaluating Progress
in Health Care

PMC studies how the tests and treatments underpinning personalized medicine are reshaping the health care landscape.

Assessing Clinical
and Economic Value

PMC studies the clinical and economic value of personalized medicine across multiple disease states.

Examining Clinical
Integration Strategies

PMC studies clinical integration strategies that health systems can use to ensure they are taking full advantage of personalized medicine.

Our research is supported by sponsorships from PMC members and other supporters of personalized medicine.

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