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Previewing PMC’s Potential Impact on Public Affairs in 2024

At the Personalized Medicine Coalition’s board meeting on November 29, it was noted that 2023 was “the most successful educational year that the Coalition has ever had.” With continued support from its members, the Coalition’s communications can be even more impactful this year.

Across outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe’s health care affiliate, STAT, PMC-published essays and editorials have focused public attention on the challenges facing the field.

Already, media citations have helped make the Coalition’s 2022 study of clinical practice gaps in non-small cell lung cancer one of the most-read articles in the history of the JCO Precision Oncology journal.

In 2024, PMC plans to announce novel research findings on ways to promote more inclusive biomedical research; how personalized medicine translates into improved outcomes; and the influence that payer policies and perspectives have on the field. These publications promise to further expand the Coalition’s visibility in 2024.

The Annual Personalized Medicine Conference will also return this year to Harvard Medical School, where its 2019 showing featured record attendance numbers and prompted The Boston Globe to label it “a forward-leaning event to watch.”

The 2024 Boston conference will come on the heels of two successive annual meetings in Dana Point, CA, that attracted our most influential audiences ever. Nearly a third of the 300 participants in last year’s conference were CEOs, Principals, or Managing Directors at their respective institutions.

This year, our messages will reach more business executives, policymakers, and patients than ever, as the numbers of PMC’s LinkedIn followers and newsletter readers increased by 84 and 48 percent, respectively, in 2023.

PMC’s educational activities help make policymakers, physicians, and patients more receptive to making the changes that will be necessary to further advance personalized medicine.

Thank you to the PMC members who make this possible.