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Elizabeth O’Day, Ph.D.

CEO, Olaris

Dr. Elizabeth O’Day is the CEO and Founder of Olaris, Inc., a precision medicine company that uses a pioneering metabolomics platform and proprietary machine learning algorithms to fundamentally improve how disease is diagnosed and treated. Olaris identifies “biomarkers of response” (BoR) to stratify patients into optimal treatment groups, increasing survival rates, decreasing adverse events, and reducing unnecessary healthcare costs.

Dr. O’Day is the co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Biotechnology. She also serves on the advisory board for the Precision Medicine Initiative and was an invited speaker at the annual meeting in Davos. She was also a “nominated change maker” and invited to attend the first United States of Women Summit convened by the White House in 2016. She participated in Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Summit to discuss collaborative ways “to end cancer as we know it.”

Dr. O’Day is also the Founder of Lizzard Fashion, an apparel company that uses fashion to promote science, and Proyecto Chispa (Project Spark), a 501(c)3 nonprofit institution that recycles electronics and uses the resale of parts to build computer centers in orphanages throughout the world.