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Sarah Hersey

Vice President, Precision Medicine, Bristol Myers Squibb

Sarah is an accomplished leader and is responsible for leading a world-class research and development team of more than 100 scientists supporting translational sciences and diagnostics. She leads a team at Bristol Myers Squibb that supported more than 20 drug approvals, top-line results and other key regulatory milestones in a single year during the pandemic.

Prior to her time with Bristol Myers Squibb, Sarah was Head of Precision Medicine and Vice President at Celgene (which was acquired by Bristol Myers Squibb in 2019), where she built and led a world-class precision medicine team. Prior to Celgene, Sarah was the Global Head of Future Precision Medicine at Novartis, where she developed innovative solutions to support accurate and precise use of advanced diagnostic platforms. Sarah has also held multiple positions at Johnson & Johnson, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, and Charles River Laboratories.