Press Releases

PMC press releases highlight the significance of the Coalition’s activities in education, advocacy, and evidence development.

Multi-factorial Assessment Finds Majority of Health Care Providers Integrating Personalized Medicine into Clinical Care

Report: Agency’s Policies Reinforcing Shift Toward Personalized Medicine Even in Midst of Pandemic

Understanding Genomic Testing Utilization and Coverage in the US Points to Broader Range of Administrative, Educational, Technical Challenges Complicating Efforts to Integrate Genomic Testing into Clinical Work Streams

Treatments Underscore Promise of New Era in Personalized Medicine Characterized by Ability to Alter Molecular Characteristics of Patients’ Own Cells

PMC President: Report reminds us that personalized medicine offers new hope to patients, opportunities to avoid unsafe or ineffective treatment plans

Co-Chairs, Personalized Medicine Coalition Organize Introductory Briefing to Educate Congress, Public on Personalized Medicine’s Benefits of Earlier Detection, Targeted Treatment, Improved Prevention Strategies