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Introducing PMC’s 2024 Strategic Plan

On behalf of the Personalized Medicine Coalition, I am pleased to present PMC’s Strategic Plan for Advancing Personalized Medicine in 2024.

This document outlines PMC’s plans to advance the frontiers of the field by executing on initiatives across the three mutually reinforcing fronts of education, advocacy, and research.


To ensure broad-based understanding of the benefits of personalized medicine, PMC has plans to publicly demonstrate how personalized medicine is maturing in several key areas this year. Forthcoming announcements will focus on:

  • a new PMC report that explains what can be done to promote a more inclusive biomedical research enterprise;
  • a new study that will document the improvements in care quality that pioneering providers of personalized medicine deliver for their patients; and
  • an analysis of payer policies relating to the tests and treatments underpinning personalized medicine.

All of these reports have been requested by our members to address salient issues in the field.

Our educational work will culminate with the 18th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference, which is scheduled to take place on November 12 – 13 at Harvard Medical School’s Joseph B. Martin Conference Center in Boston. Please save the dates.


To secure public policy incentives for industry and clinical businesses that lean into the efficiency of targeted preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions that can improve patient outcomes, PMC will advocate for legislative and regulatory initiatives that promise to help pave the way for personalized medicine. Its advocacy work will also help to ensure that lawmakers understand the value of personalized medicine approaches that patients want and need.

Among other priorities, the Coalition’s 2024 advocacy agenda will focus on growing membership in the Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus, increasing funding for federal agencies focused on biomedical research and regulation, and promoting reimbursement policies that preserve patient access to the diagnostic and therapeutic products that make personalized medicine possible.


Finally, to direct key leaders including guideline developers, payer executives, and provider leaders toward reforms that will be necessary to encourage the widespread delivery of personalized medicine in clinical settings, PMC will convene a cross-sector member research committee to create a new Roadmap for Addressing Clinical Practice Gaps in Personalized Medicine.

The Roadmap initiative will help steer the Coalition’s research programs toward a focus on clinical uptake interventions. As part of a future pilot study, PMC aspires to work directly with a provider institution to implement Roadmap reforms and track their impact on the organization’s delivery of precision cancer care.

We believe that this new Implementing Precision Oncology workstream, like other PMC activities, will put the benefits of personalized medicine within reach of more patients. A proposal for the new initiative is available by request.


If you have thoughts about the Coalition’s Strategic Plan, I encourage you to be in touch. Our contact details are available here.