Laboratory Corporation of America (Labcorp)

Member Type: Clinical Laboratory Testing Services

Labcorp is a pioneer in applying advances in medicine and science to laboratory testing, with years of experience in serving physicians and their patients. Labcorp’s focused companion diagnostics assays facilitate the translation of putative biomarkers from clinical trials into clinical use. Our specialized Centers of Excellence are at the forefront of new assay development, complemented by collaborations with leading academic medical centers. In addition, Labcorp has one of the largest distribution networks in the country, with 54 primary testing laboratories and more than 1,700 patient service centers that provide broad patient access and enable therapeutic adoption.

Labcorp helps further personalized medicine with assays that assist physicians in determining drug efficacy, drug safety, and even appropriate dosing. Our current menu includes many companion diagnostics, such as BRAF V600E for Zelboraf® (vemurafenib), TrofileTM for Selzentry® (maraviroc), ALK FISH for Xalkori® (crizotinib), HCV GenoSure NS3/4A for IncivekTM (telaprevir) and VictrelisTM (boceprevir), HER-2 for Perception®, CYP450 2C19 for clopidogrel (Plavix®), and CYP450 2C9 for warfarin (Coumadin®).

Labcorp’s current companion diagnostic tests provide clinicians with tools to improve patient outcomes, and we are committed to developing and delivering future assays that aid in personalized medicine.

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