International Cancer Advocacy Network ("ICAN")

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The International Cancer Advocacy Network ("ICAN") is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. We have been both at the vanguard of personalized medicine in terms of patient advocacy and in the trenches, working to extend lives with high quality of life. ICAN provides cutting-edge information services to Stage IV cancer patients in all cancer types and subtypes as well as patient empowerment tools, physician referrals upon request, and new strategic options for the patient to discuss with his or her medical team. ICAN focuses on detailed case management services based on molecular profiling and outlines clinical trials enrollment possibilities, with an emphasis on targeted therapeutics relevant to each case. ICAN serves patients in 50 states, US territories, and 47 countries. Please see for a complete description of ICAN's Patient Program Services as well as the list of 95 Named Memorial and Tribute Programs, established by grateful patients and their families. ICAN operates according to the highest standards of board governance, with a small staff and 700 volunteers in 12 time zones working in 29 departments of the organization.

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