Bristol Myers Squibb

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With a mission to extend and enhance human life, Bristol-Myers Squibb is passionate about translating great science into innovative medicines that help patients prevail against serious disease. Throughout development, we seek every opportunity to target the appropriate use of our medicines to maximize patient benefit while minimizing risk.

To realize the promise of personalized medicine Bristol-Myers Squibb is avidly pursuing the science underlying variability in response to treatment. Internally and externally we are partnering in the discovery and development of predictive biomarkers, and in the development of diagnostic assays for use in combination with our medicines.

Bristol-Myers Squibb is committed to bringing the right drug to the right patient. By shifting from an inefficient and often ineffective “one size fits all” approach to one that incorporates the unique needs of an individual patient, we can revolutionize the way medicines are developed and prescribed, giving physicians’ greater precision in offering the best treatment strategies to those patients who are most likely to benefit.

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