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Personalized Medicine in Brief (Vol. 17)

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The Personalized Medicine Coalition, representing innovators, scientists, patients, providers and payers, promotes the understanding and adoption of personalized medicine concepts, services, and products to benefit patients and health systems.

What Is Personalized Medicine?

Personalized medicine is an evolving field in which physicians use diagnostic tests to determine which medical treatments will work best for each patient or use medical interventions to alter molecular mechanisms that impact health. By combining data from diagnostic tests with an individual’s medical history, circumstances and values, health care providers can develop targeted treatment and prevention plans with their patients.


As was the case for the rest of the world in 2021, the Delta variant created a new obstacle for the Personalized Medicine Coalition whose dimensions are still taking shape. The latest edition of Personalized Medicine in Brief (Vol. 17) explains how the Coalition has managed to maintain its momentum across multiple fronts.

With an enhanced infrastructure for educating policymakers and patients, thriving advocacy programs, and a rapidly maturing research portfolio, PMC is well-positioned to carry its momentum into the 16th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference in Dana Point, CA, which has been scheduled for May 19 and 20, 2022.
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