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PMC/BIO Summit Explores 'Companion Therapeutics' Paradigm, Integration Principles

"Companion diagnostics" are recognized by the personalized medicine community as products that supplement targeted therapies by identifying the population most likely to benefit from them. But at last week's PMC/BIO Solutions Summit, Illumina Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Richard Klausner raised the prospect of turning that definition on its head. By the end of the day, the paradigm of "companion therapeutics" had gained traction, along with several principles applicable to the integration of personalized medicine into health care systems. Use the link below to access the Oncology Times' recap of the event.
» Oncology Times

NIH Director: PMI at Stake in 2016 Budget Debates
Amid discussion about Congress passing a continuing resolution that maintains current funding levels in 2016, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins told a Congressional subcommittee that the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) would be cut under the terms of such an agreement.
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FDA Approves First 'Complementary' Diagnostic
In a move that may illuminate an approval pathway for therapeutics tied to a "complementary" diagnostic, which is not essential for determining who should receive a drug but can give doctors an idea of how well a patient might respond, FDA approved such a test alongside an indication for BMS' drug Opdivo.
» FDA press release

Member News

Inspire Study Suggests Patients Could Drive Personalized Medicine Progress

New research from Inspire suggests that increased public awareness of personalized medicine could make patients a driving force behind the field. The findings indicate that new treatment discussions are initiated by patients 52 percent of the time, and nearly two-thirds of respondents bring notes and/or questions to help guide in-office discussions with their doctors.
» Inspire press release

Exact Sciences to Work With USPSTF on Cologuard Recommendation
Exact Sciences says it plans to work with the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) to change the group's recently issued draft update on colorectal cancer screening, which currently lists Exact's product, Cologuard, in an alternative category of strategies to be used in "select clinical circumstances."
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Strand Pushes Gene Sequencing for First-Line Therapy Selection
In a move that could help demonstrate the utility of gene sequencing early in the course of a cancer patient's disease, Strand Life Sciences has begun advocating for the use of its 152-gene cancer sequencing test for the selection of first-line therapies and has committed to an eight-day turnaround for preliminary results.
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