Moving Beyond Population Averages: Patient Principles for a Personalized Medicine Research Agenda

Web Forum # 4: Tuesday, January 28, 2020

During the fourth and final web forum, Cynthia A. Bens, PMC's Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Project Lead, and David Davenport, PMC's Manager, Public Policy and Project Manager, discussed proposed principles for the research agenda based on participant feedback from the first three web forums, and moderated a discussion to finalize those principles. These principles will inform the scope, content, and impact of the project as it moves forward and identify how to make the Personalized Medicine Coalition's patient-centered research agenda for personalized medicine most helpful to patients.

During the next phase of the project, where PMC will translate these principles into research topics for a patient-centered research agenda for personalized medicine, participants will be invited to an online collaboration platform to suggest, refine and prioritize potential research topics.