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World Precision Medicine Congress 2016

May 18 - 19, 2016

Business Design Centre
London, United Kingdom

Making precision medicine a reality

Event website: Click here (http://bit.ly/1TGLQRS)

How does precision medicine become a commercial reality? 

One key is to bring the community together, from health care, patient groups and governmental bodies to diagnostic developers, pharma, biotech, data companies and regulators, so the community can understand the benefits and work through the challenges to ensure uptake. 

The World Precision Medicine Congress is a market place for the industry to meet professionals and discuss issues like unmet health care needs, what patient groups want, prevention versus treatment, genome sequencing, commercializing biomarkers, anonymous data collection, companion diagnostics, regulation and implementation. Can the community come together and stop the 50 percent of treatments that are ineffective due to misdiagnosis or ineffective treatments? The global precision medicine industry is expected to grow to $90 billion dollars over the next five years — how can the community make sure this happens? 

Conference attendees will:
• Discover a precision medicine blueprint
• Hear the latest in diagnostics, imaging and biomarkers
• Understand how infrastructure and financing are industrializing precision medicine
• Conquer the challenges of data
• Learn about the latest case studies and best practices in precision prescribing and targeted treatments

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