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The Missing Piece in Medication Management for Improved Care and Reduced Costs

November 19, 2020 | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. ET



An estimated 99 percent of the population has an actionable genetic variant that impacts decisions about whether and how a medication should be prescribed to a patient. These genetic variants influence drug efficacy, absorption rate, dosage, and even safety directly impacting patients facing virtually all diseases and conditions — ranging from mental health to cardiovascular disease to cancer to rare diseases. Additionally, the United States wasted an estimated preventable $528 billion in 2016 on non-optimized medications, exceeding the cost of the drugs themselves, and the cost of all major diseases. Several pharmacogenomic (PGx) studies have demonstrated care improvements and cost reductions including one that cut hospital readmission rates in half and mortality rates by 85 percent while saving $4,382 per patient in just 60 days.

For COVID-19 patients, PGx testing — or testing for drug-gene interactions to help manage medication — can have critical, life and death implications for treatment choices. Additionally, Americans are increasingly experiencing anxiety and depression triggered by the pandemic, with 90 percent of respondents to a nationwide survey reporting emotional distress related to the pandemic. PGx testing can inform optimized medication prescriptions for patients.

During The Missing Piece in Medication Management for Improved Care and Reduced Costs: Pharmacogenomics & Decision Support During COVID-19 and Beyond, panelists will explain PGx and how it impacts health care.

For more information, please contact megan@ipolicysolutions.com.

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