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Precision Oncology in the Era of Health Care Reform: Improving Outcomes, Sustaining Innovations and Increasing Value

April 28, 2016

Russell Senate Office Building, SR-188
Washington, DC 
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

featuring Tom Coburn, physician and former U.S. Senator, Oklahoma

Event Website: Click here

Vice President Biden’s “cancer moonshot” and America’s ongoing debate over oncology-drug affordability have captured national attention. As patients, advocates and families battle with cancer, the medical and biotechnology community makes great strides in using patients’ precise biology to better target tumors. Delivering innovative treatments to patients safely, affordably and effectively requires public policy that rises to the sophistication of the best science. Join the Manhattan Institute on Capitol Hill to discuss new frameworks for clinical-data sharing, conditional-drug approvals and value-based pricing that can help deliver better outcomes to patients and more value to America’s health care system.

Flatiron Health Chief Medical Officer and PMC Board Member Amy Abernethy will speak on a panel at the briefing, along with PMC members from Pfizer and Co-Bio Consulting.  

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