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Integrating Personalized Medicine into Healthcare: Progress and a Path Forward

May 11, 2021 (Virtual)


 The Journal of Precision Medicine

As part of The Journal of Precision Medicine's Precision Medicine Leaders Summit 2021 Virtual Series titled "Precision Diagnostics for Precision Medicine" on May 11, 2021, PMC Senior Vice President for Science Policy Daryl Pritchard, Ph.D., has organized a session titled "Integrating Personalized Medicine into Healthcare: Progress and a Path Forward." The session will explore the implications of a first-of-its-kind landscape analysis applying a quantitative multi-factorial framework to assess the clinical adoption of personalized medicine in health care throughout the United States.

Session Overview

Based on a survey of a representative sample of 153 health care providers, an analysis commissioned by PMC shows that 83 percent of the institutions studied scored a two or higher on the five-point scale used to examine their integration efforts. The study also showed that only 22 percent of the institutions studied scored a four or a five on the personalized medicine integration scale. Panelists will discuss this system-wide but incomplete push to implement personalized medicine in clinical settings, highlighting both the momentum that the field has as well as the limitations associated with the utilization of new precision medicine technologies and practices with extraordinary but understudied potential benefits.

Elissa Quinn, Director, Precision Medicine, Blueprint Medicines

Daryl Pritchard, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Personalized Medicine Coalition


  • Gary Gustavsen, Partner and Managing Director, Precision Medicine, Health Advances
  • Damon Hostin, Senior Director, Market Access, Health Systems, Illumina
  • Luca Quagliata, Vice President and Global Head of Medical Affairs, Clinical Next-Generation Sequencing and Oncology Division, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Catherine Hajek, Associate Professor of Medicine, USD Sanford School of Medicine; Medical Director, Sanford Imagenetics
  • Byeong Yoon, Executive Director, Oncology Global Medical Affairs, Amgen

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