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Advancing Personalized Medicine Through Inclusive Biomedical Research

April 22, 2021



Personalized medicine depends on a diverse, equitable, and inclusive biomedical research enterprise to generate reliable evidence to inform health care interventions that affect subsets of heterogeneous patient populations differently. But as our experiences in developing and deploying prevention and treatment strategies to combat COVID-19 have painfully reminded us, the health care system too often fails to engage adequately representative cohorts of patients in basic biomedical research and drug development studies. As a result, clinical care is too often delivered and therapies prescribed based on one-size-fits-all assumptions that have gone untested in underrepresented groups of patients, risking disease progression and exacerbating health disparities.

In this context, PMC is pleased to present a 90-minute virtual discussion titled Advancing Personalized Medicine Through Inclusive Biomedical Research. Moderated by PMC Founder and Director of the Duke Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, M.D., Ph.D., the program features a diverse panel of leaders from across the health care spectrum who are contributing to the development of research programs in the public and private sectors. By uncovering the sociocultural, behavioral, and systemic factors that converge to perpetuate inequities in research participation and outcomes, the program is designed to inform a PMC report that enhances our understanding of the strategies we can adopt to facilitate the emergence of a more inclusive biomedical research enterprise.

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