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2nd P4 China 2017 International Precision Medicine Convention

November 30 - December 3, 2017

Guangzhou, China

Event website: Click here

After last year’s P4 China 2016 attracted more than 600 professionals in Beijng, this year, the topics will be more focused and in-depth. Biomarkers, genomics, medical big data, liquid biopsies, oncology drug development and companion diagnostics will be central themes.

P4 China 2017 will be held from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3 in Guangzhou, bringing together government, academia, industry and venture capitalists to the discuss policy, investment, technology, application and business elements of precision medicine.

Hosts: Chinese Society of Biotechnology and BMAP

Convention Setting:

  • Keynote
  • Forum 1 — Gene Sequencing & Big Data Forum
  • Forum 2 — Liquid Biopsy Technology Forum
  • Forum 3 — Oncology Drug Precision Development Forum
  • Roadshow


  • Big data and AI
  • Industry standards and applications of next-generation sequencing
  • Liquid biopsies
  • Immuno-oncology

If you wish to participate in this conference, please call the Organizing Committee at once.

Contact: Jerry
Tel: +86021-6107 1886 (ext. 8027)
Email: P4china@bmapglobal.com

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