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12th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference

November 15 - 17, 2016

Joseph B. Martin Conference Center
Boston, MA

Innovative Leaders, Finding Solutions

Event Website: Click here (http://www.personalizedmedicinecoalition.org/Conference/Home)

The Annual Personalized Medicine Conference has attracted participation from many of personalized medicine’s most established leaders, including several of the scientists who contributed to the first complete sequencing of the human genome, some of the world’s most successful investors and two FDA commissioners. This year’s conference will build on that tradition, but with a more concentrated focus on generating solutions to the field’s challenges. 

Like its predecessors, the 12th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference will explore new and transformational insights related to the science, business and policy trends impacting personalized medicine. The conference will showcase what is new, offer a deep dive into the issues, and provide partnership and networking opportunities for attendees. But most importantly, it will propose ways to encourage investment in innovation and foster the adoption of personalized medicine in the clinic.

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