More Than a Number: Better Health Begins With You

Designed to empower a greater number of patients to advocate for health care tailored to their biological characteristics, circumstances, and values, PMC's flagship More Than a Number educational platform encourages patients to ask questions about molecularly guided prevention and treatment plans as well as the ways in which various medical interventions may affect their lives and routines.

Bolstering PMC’s capacity to facilitate more informed interactions between patients and their providers, the website contains articles on key topics related to disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. By updating the website in consultation with a steering committee comprised of patients and patient advocates, the Coalition keeps its growing network of patients apprised of new developments in personalized medicine.

Through a pro bono partnership with Mediaplanet, articles cross-posted on the More Than a Number website have reached millions of patients as part of advertorial inserts in the USA Today and the Toronto Star.

“The More Than a Number initiative expands the frontiers of personalized medicine by giving patients an enhanced opportunity to advocate for personalizing health care to their biology, circumstances, and values,” said PMC President Edward Abrahams.

For more information about the More Than a Number program, please contact Kayla Smith at