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Bionest Partners engineers creative and value-added management / strategy consulting and financial advisory solutions tailored for healthcare industries and financial institutions.

Bionest Partners is turning itself into a powerhouse in personalized medicine strategy consulting. We stand out in personalized medicine thought leadership, with many articles published or in-development on this topic.

Collectively our team members have accumulated extensive experience advising pharma, diagnostics and biotechnology clients on a variety of issues related to personalized medicine strategy, such as

  • Stratified medicine and diagnostics co-development and commercialization strategy
  • Biomarker program portfolio optimization
  • Drug-companion diagnostics co-development R&D process integration, and
  • Corporate personalized medicine business model and organizational strategies

We research, strategize, connect, advise and implement. We believe in and leverage our client issue-specific competences, and favor a hands-on approach with no pre-defined solution.

Bionest Partners, a premiere healthcare advisory company enhancing growth, transforming businesses and generating value.

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