The Role of the Personalized Medicine Coalition

Paradigm shifts, especially in medicine, do not happen just because the science or new technologies suggest they should. Based on that assumption, PMC works with its member institutions, which include pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies, tool manufacturers, academic health centers, venture capitalists, insurance companies and patient advocates, to raise the profile of personalized medicine throughout the world.

With the growth of personalized medicine over the past decade, the Coalition has expanded to include more than 215 institutions across the health care spectrum. Along with raising personalized medicine’s profile, PMC advocates for changes that will increase investment in personalized medicine and facilitate its adoption so that both patients and the health system will benefit from improved clinical care and increased overall value. Its members have identified key priorities in education and advocacy, which include:


  • Educating the health care workforce and patients about personalized medicine’s potential to improve health outcomes and lower costs
  • Educating policymakers about the potential of personalized medicine to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care system
  • Uncovering the challenges to the clinical adoption of personalized medicine and outlining solutions to those challenges


  • Promoting public policies that encourage investment in personalized approaches to care
  • Devising a regulatory framework that accelerates the development of personalized medicine products
  • Promoting reimbursement policies that will encourage the use of personalized medicine products in practice

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