Congressional Caucus

The Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus: A Fact Sheet for Prospective Members

DownloadThe Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus convenes a bipartisan group of Members interested in improving health care through personalized medicine. Members further their awareness of developments in personalized medicine, share ideas, and are better positioned to shape policies supporting the advancement of personalized medicine so that patients and the health system will benefit from this approach to care.

The Caucus Will Seek to:

  • Shape legislation that encourages increased research, development, innovation, and access to personalized medicine (e.g., Cures 2.0, FDA user fee reauthorization)
  • Educate policymakers on the health and economic benefits of personalized medicine (e.g., early detection and prevention, personalized approaches to COVID-19)
  • Promote discussions about policies that encourage investment in personalized medicine (e.g., through education, reimbursement, clinical adoption, and appropriations)
  • Explore opportunities to adapt the health care system in ways that facilitate patient access to personalized medicine (e.g., novel and value-based payment mechanisms).

This fact sheet contains more details about what personalized medicine is, why it matters, and how the Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus is advancing the frontiers of the field.